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Shareholder Forms

Completed Aleut Corporation forms can be emailed to, however, all documents requiring a notarized signature the original needs to be sent to the office.

Will – Stock

Make sure you have a current stock will on file – so your shares will be designated to who YOU want them to go to.

VIDEO: Important message from the ANCSA Regional Association about Stock Wills

Gift – Stock

Paper work to complete to gift shares to your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews.

 Address Change or Name Change

Need to update your address or has your name changed because of Marriage or other reasons? Please fill and return this form with a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Direct Deposit

Get your dividends timely and right to your bank! Fill out the following forms for direct deposit, don’t forget to include a voided check or deposit slip.

Stop Payment

Didn’t receive your dividend check? Think it may be lost in the mail? Read the policy and fill out the stop payment application. (INCLUDES a FEE)


Nominate a deserving shareholder to be RECOGNIZED at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders! Who has contributed to the Aleut Region? Who is that Elder that needs to be recognized for their contributions? NOMINATE THEM!

Need a document from BIA that states your Native blood quantum? Fill out this application and return to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.