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Passing of Board Member Elary Gromoff Jr.

Our departed friend, Elary Gromoff

It is with great sadness that I write this note on behalf of the board extending our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of our departed board member, Mr. Elary Gromoff. While I could write of his past titles and accomplishments at the Aleut Corporation and throughout his career, I choose instead to write to you about the person I came to know, appreciate and respect as both a board member and as a friend.

Elary was a dedicated board member always willing to voice his opinions and fight for the people he represented. He was steadfast in his efforts and a wonderful debater inside the boardroom. He was dedicated to the board process and always brought a historical perspective to the discussion. But even with all of that, what I will miss the most about Elary in the boardroom is his laughter. At times in the boardroom stressful situations can cause tension, Elary always had a way of easing that tension through his humor and through his laughter. I am sure that everyone who knew Elary well would have a wonderful story of his humor and jovial character.

Elary had many accomplishments during his tenure as a board member at The Aleut Corporation. I believe his greatest accomplishment was the Adak land exchange, a decision that has resulted in millions of dollars in tax savings for the Aleut Corporation and provided new economic development opportunities in our region. We thank him for his contribution, not only to the Aleut Corporation, but to the Aleut people.

On behalf of the board of directors of the Aleut Corporation, we extend our deepest sympathies to the entire Gromoff family during this difficult time.

Sharon Guenther Lind
Chairman of the Board of The Aleut Corporation…

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