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Cultural Preservation

Contributes are made annually to culture camps in the Aleut Region, Anchorage, and Pacific Northwest.

2017 Culture Camp schedules:

  • Camp Qungaayux – Unalaska: July 30 – August 12th  (20 Year Anniversary)
  • King Cove Culture Camp: June 10-16th
  • Qagan Tayagungin Tribe – Sand Point: July 17-27th
  • UT Summer Language Intensive– St. Paul: May 28 – August 12th
  • Urban Unangax / Aleut Culture Camp: June 18-24th
  • UT Summer Language Intensive- Atka: June 5 – July 28th

The Aleut Foundation provides travel scholarships for shareholders and descendants interested in attending a culture camp.

Eligible candidates will be required to submit the following before and after their trip:

  1. A Letter stating which culture camp they wish to attend and what they want to learn from the culture camp.
  2. After the person has completed the culture camp, they are required to provide a one page Trip Report. This report must briefly outline the trip and describe the accomplishments and learning experiences from the trip.

A Letter of Request to attend a culture camp is due on May 15th.