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Author Archives: Angela Bourdukofsky

Job Announcement for TAC Corporate Office

The Aleut Corporation seeks highly qualified individuals to apply for two important leadership positions at the Corporate office in Anchorage; a Chief Operating Officer as well as a Chief Administrative Officer.  These two new positions are key to assisting with the growth of the Aleut Corporation at a reliable, sustainable rate so we can fulfill […]

Passing of Board Member Elary Gromoff Jr.

Our departed friend, Elary Gromoff It is with great sadness that I write this note on behalf of the board extending our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of our departed board member, Mr. Elary Gromoff. While I could write of his past titles and accomplishments at the Aleut Corporation and throughout his career, […]

Meet TAC’s new Chief Financial Officer

The Aleut Corporation is pleased to introduce Clayton Bourne as our Chief Financial Officer. Clayton joined the organization in July.  His primary responsibilities will be to assure full compliance with GAAP accounting procedures throughout the corporation and its subsidiaries, assist in the management of our workers compensation, bonding, corporate insurance, and legal. Mr. Bourne previously […]

2017 Dividend and 7(j) distribution Schedule

The Aleut Corporation Board of Directors declared the following dividends for 2017:  $6 per share to be direct deposited and mailed –  July 7, 2017. – All address changes and direct deposits must be done before June 19th. $550 Elder Benefit to be paid in November 2017. (to be eligible for the Elder dividend you will need […]

2017 Nominating Packet and Shareholder Award Nomination forms Available!

Board of Directors Nomination packets are due (received and delivered) by: June 30, 2017 at 5PM Alaska Standard Time. (Not postmarked) 2017 Nominating Packet   Shareholder Award Nomination Packet 2017 Shareholder Awards Packet 2016 Shareholder of the Year – Herman and Xenia Bendixen Student of the Year – Talia London 2015: Shareholder of the Year – […]

2017 Early Bird Winners

Early Bird Winners: $2,500 1. ———————————————- $1,500 1. 2. 3. 4. Congratulations to all! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are NOT done with proxy prize drawings. 15 additional names will be drawn at the 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Saturday, October 14th, but your proxy needs to be received by the election judge by Tuesday, October 10th. […]